Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder

Most of us have heard this saying in the past-Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder“, Haven’t we?

And my reason for deciding to write on this subject is because I want to outline how differently each of us view and perceive people and things.

Some of us find babies cute and adorable while some of us find them to be a noisy or a cranky bunch. Each one’s perspective is of course, very different indeed. A lecturer’s style of teaching may come across as appealing to some and some may find it to be dreary and boring. Even certain places like the Art Gallery or the Museum may hold interests of those who are creative or history-oriented but may bore others causing these to appear meaningless and mundane.

Some may find a celebrity attractive with her make-up and dressing style while some may disagree to that and say that a simple-looking woman tends to be more beautiful inside out. Some may be passionate about watching the rainfall from their window or stepping out to experience the morning dew while some may find enjoying the weather by being cozy in bed more cherishing. Some may cherish old memories in the form of photographs or letters while some may consider being practical and realistic by detaching themselves to materialistic things and living in the present moment. Some may find the cold winters beautiful and some the hot, heaty summers. Some are crazy about coffee while some enjoy exploring various kinds of tea.

By the way, which ones are you?

During these times, we must remind ourselves that each one has a distinct way of seeing and perceiving things. Truly, beauty lies in the eyes of the one who beholds it! It is not required that everyone should share the same perspective or adhere to a similar pattern of liking, choice or preference. Each one is different and finds beauty in different things. When we accept this mode of thought and practice it, it will surely broaden our view by observing the difference in opinion and still loving others for who they are and for who they choose to become.

Let us keep in mind that we must respect one another’s angles of beauty and value while we have our own. That is what makes each one of us stand out- to be UNIQUE, each one with their own depth and heart.

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