BE a Doer!

"Actions speak louder than words." I grew up listening to this quote as a child but guess what??!! Now as an adult, It seems to be making more sense to me.

If a lady gets through an interview saying punctuality and timely delivery are her strengths, but when she begins work, she happens to be late to office daily and even late in submitting her projects, then it only implies that, she doesn’t really act according to her words.

Silent communication is infact way more powerful than the usual verbal form of communication. Sometimes, the facial expressions and the body language of a person may convey a stronger message than what he may express through his speech.

History tells us that even before languages were formed, our ancestors used to communicate with one another through actions and sounds and expressions.

How many of us recall the Saint who quoted the below words:

“Preach the gospel at all times and when necessary use words”. – St Francis of Assisi

Each day we are given a new chance to build the kingdom of God, to preach the Gospel of our Lord Jesus -But never by forcefully pushing our beliefs or opinions on others. It is only through our actions of love that we can change the world around us.

Even simple things can make a difference to someone like serving a glass of water to a thirsty person or guest, greeting a stranger, helping a passer-by with directions, holding the door or the lift for the next person who wants to enter, not honking at the car on the road infront of you when it is testing your patience, allowing others to go ahead of you even when you have been waiting for a long time in the same queue etc.

I remember one evening, my husband and I were standing in a queue at a flower shop counter with some roses to be billed. As it was Valentines day, the shop was buzzing with people searching for flowers of their taste and style while the florist and the shop owner appeared to be working constantly under pressure due to lack of labour.

A Punjabi man walked in the flower shop and began looking for a dozen red roses. He asked the owner but did not receive much help so went about looking for them on his own. After his pursuit within the store, the man was not able to find the roses so he walked over to the counter and asked aloud for help, hoping to get the attention of either the florist or the shop owner but still neither of them responded and gave him a deaf ear instead. Just then, my husband left the queue we were in and directed the man to an inside part of the shop and showed him exactly where he would be able to find the bunch of red roses he was looking for. This act touched many hearts who were silent spectators at the moment.

Sometimes, we may have to go the extra mile…… and to spread the love of God, WE MUST!!!

We can choose to do several things on a daily basis to draw others to God :-

Like talk about God to others all the time, tell others to pray and attend mass often, preach about what is in the Bible


we can do all these above things ourselves….And then by witnessing the way in which we live our lives, people around us will be impacted. They will see our blessings and be aware of the peace we carry with us. They will want to know the secret mantra that trains us to love at all times, and at times when its most challenging.

Saint John says,”Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.”-1 John 3:18 

We are called to love one another moreso by serving one another and not just by our talk.

We see in the word of God that Jesus always practiced what he preached. Therefore my friends, let us follow the footsteps of Jesus and make every act count so that when we meet him someday, he will come running towards us to embrace us, saying, “Well done, my child, well done!!!!